7 Jul

I spent a LOT of time in Ginza since my hotel was only a 5-10 minute walk from Chuo Doori, and I’m pretty glad it was because my impression of Ginza before I went was fancy international brands with clothes and computers I couldn’t buy and an Alice in Wonderland theme restaurant (that I didn’t get to go to T_T) so besides the Alice cafe, I wasn’t that interested because all I wanted to do was see people dressed up crazy.

Good to know I was wrong ;D

Day 1 in Japan means waking up early to do hair and makeup /herpderp
It was a really warm day, though. Photo below taken on the main street.

Lunch was in a shabu shabu/hotpot restaurant in some shopping building (sorry, can’t remember). Since everyone knows how hotpot looks like, I decided to post a photo of my dessert instead – cold jelly that you dip in brown sugar syrup. It’s a like-it-or-hate-it type of dish and I really liked it… But then again I love all kinds of jelly :3

Afternoon snacks are always a must, because my idea of travel besides taking photos of everything is shopping and EATING and people watching. This was a doughnut place near Matsuzakaya that was really crowded and claimed to be one of the best so we bought two – the original (stick one, as pictured on the right) and chocolate (round one, in the middle). They were nice, light and fluffy but not mindblowing. The original flavor (bestseller) is better.

SHOPPING TIME!!!!! (this post is not in chronological order). Below are my top recommendations (not that I can remember all the shops I went to OTL):

Matsuzakaya -The building is 1/4 Muji, 1/2 multi-brand department store, 1/4 Forever 21 (freaking 5 or 7 storeys!!)I hate department stores, but this one has claims over my first purchase in the land of forward-fashion which was a leopard print Visalia skirt. I was not only mindblown at how easily I found it but at the customer service! The girl there CARRIES YOUR SHOPPING BAG OUT OF THE SHOP .The second floor is full of cool gyaru brands and the third has nice hosiery (socks, tights) and shoes (they’re actually affordable, not everything in Ginza is $$$).

(yes, the black sign in the corner is Cecil Mcbee)

Hakuhinkan Toy Park – this store gets a post of its own later. I swear, it is the absolute BEST shop in Ginza. Wait for the post.

Uniqlo – the Ginza branch is their flagship store. I didn’t take any photos of the outside because I was busy inside, but they have 2 multi-storey buildings split into men’s/women’s fashion. Bought tights and PJ’s, the Disney and One Piece collaborations were available at the time. Photo below to prove how much my family LOVES Uniqlo.

Found this clever display window in the side street, I’d like to make friends with whoever wrote it.

…and an Alice in Wonderland-themed display. The clothes inside aren’t as whimsical as the window, though.

Now to end this post with ANOTHER snack at the Shiseido Parlor Cafe where I had a banoffee parfait that tasted as good as it looked. It’s in the same building above the actual hair salon and their bathrooms have Shiseido hand soap. I think I saw hostess girls here too haha.

P.S. street fashon snap and literally photos of the street will be posted later on, I have more Ginza posts.



7 Jul

Sorry for the 5 month break, we are back in action now! ๐Ÿ˜‰


6 Jul

Welllllllllllllllll…………….. this is some random building that I took while strolling casually around shinjuku!!!!

Shinjuku Station is ABSOLUTELY …. amazingly crowded, it really gives off the “I AM IN TOKYO” feel. It is said to be the busiest train station in the world! [ so if you do go , you can go brag to everyone you have BEEN there – feels greats HAHAHAH ^0^ ]

Shinjuku has some reali MASSIVE department stores, which I am unfortunatley BINBO ( poor in otherwords ) ~ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ …. it is a very sad reality HAHAH. But we did go in, which was probably one of the most embarassing things i did during my holiday in Japan. AND .. why u may ask …. BECAUSE everyone looks so gorgeous in their high branded clothing, with women carrying branded hand bags and men all in suits!

There may not be much to do around the area, but it is still a must see place in Tokyo, simply because it allows you to stare in awe at the bustling of people and cars and etc !!! It isnt just called the “major commercial and administrative center” for nothing . Also if your interested in politics, the area of Shinjuku houses the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building“, the administration center for the government of Tokyo.

ย Will post some more photos hehehehe .. pleaseee enjoy SHINJUKUUUUU

UNI QLO = the most genuis Japanese store EVER! …. a must must go! ~

english – its always a sigh of relief for me to find signs in english ( even though i do study it at college ….. hhaa ) , makes life a lot easier

THIS it what i wore into a high class department store – o! the embarassement [ ooo just a heads up!…. next blog post will be studio ghibli museum which we went on the same day as shinjuku …. actually went to studio ghibli museum first , but I felt like posting shinjuku first ^^ ]

The irresistable plastic food replicas!!!!


shinjuku at night ~ …..

its always interesting to watch tv outside on big screems ๐Ÿ™‚ – its a nice change !

random advert? hahahaha

Shinkansen from Nagoya to Tokyo

31 Jan

Took the shikansen from Nagoya to Tokyo. Most of the travellers were business men and thankfully there was space at the back of the shikansen where we could put our luggage. It was really awkward sitting between 40 year old men.. but i had to get over it SIGH! Buying the tickets was quite a hassle since we had to change/ transfer twice ( I cant remember why … hahaha ) but luckily we found someone to help as and she actually spent at least 20 minuntes figuring out what we needed ( whether we wanted smoking or non-smokign carriage … our seat number etc etc )!!! JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE SOOO NICE!!! She definately seemed like she had to be somewhere but she said it was fine and that she could help us!

Thank goodness i study japanese in high school otherwise we would of been stuck in Nagoya for qutie a while ๐Ÿ™‚

Nagoya Airport

31 Jan

A modern airport with a traditional twist !

Viewing Balcony ^^

Viewing Balcony

Hello world!

28 Jan

Teresa & I decided to start a travel blog ย after lovely visits to Japan at the end of 2010, though unfortunately not managing to cross paths.

NOOB TRAVELERS serves not only for our own memory but to share with others some of the awesome places we discovered.